A Day at Ketut’s Hideaway

Ketut’s Hideaway, The bay at Labuan Amuk

The bay at Labuan Amuk –
Ketut’s Hideaway is at the end of the beach.

Plan to arrive between 0930 and 1000. You will be met at the beach and taken to Ketut’s Hideaway – a short 5 minute walk along a beachside track. You will be welcomed by Ketut’s family and shown the facilities which include your own locker for the day. Enjoy a cool drink while you wait for the rest of the guests to arrive.

Snorkeling gear is provided (but feel free to bring your own if you have it) and Ketut will help you find the right size. After a quick explanation of the reef shape and the prevailing conditions, you will board one of Ketut’s two Jukungs for the short trip out to the reef.

The reef abounds in colourful coral and fish that vary in size, colour and variety. With a bit of luck you will also see trumpet fish, octopus and some cute Nemos! The fish will feed out of you hand!

Hand feeding the fish while resting on the outriggers.

Hand feeding the fish while resting on the outriggers –
it is safe and fun for all ages and abilities!

Both first time and experienced snorkelers will find plenty to interest themselves. The water is warm so wet suits are not needed but a sun shirt or old tee shirt is good to protect you from the sun! You can choose to hang off the end of the outriggers, float over the reef in just 1m of water, free-dive on the bommies in 3-7m or explore under the ledges. If you are not confident, one of the family will snorkel with you. After an hour or so we will return to Ketut’s Hideaway. Before returning to Ketut’s Hideaway, Ketut will take you for a short ride along the reef to Blue Lagoon – a favourite scuba diving area. There are great photo opportunities from out at sea so bring your camera – Ketut will provide a dry bag. Don’t worry if you are really enjoying the coral and fish – just have a rest and some lunch and you are welcome to go again after lunch. Lunch will be prepared by Ketut’s wife, Kadek and extended family members.

Preparing a lunch at Ketut's Hideaway.

Preparing a lunch at Ketut’s Hideaway.

You are welcome to watch or join in as they prepare your lunch from the freshest ingredients. All food is sourced fresh daily from the village gardens, the village fisherman and the local markets. Typical lunch is like that on the right (prepared for 4 people) and will include grilled chicken and fish, a pork dish, vegetables with coconut, stir fired vegetables, berkadel (corn fritters), salad and rice. Fresh fruit will be served for desert.

Relax, read, snorkel as much as you like. Take an interpretive tour of the village and learn how people go about their daily lives in an untouched Balinese village. Watch and help the women make the daily offerings. Watch and learn with Kadek as she prepares your lunch from fresh local produce. Drink green coconuts fresh from the tree. Hike up the hill for amazing views over the ocean and the surrounding mountains. You are free to interact or to just relax or be left alone as you wish.


US$45 per person.

Children 15 years and under pay half price: US$22.50 per child.

Pay on arrival. Payment accepted in US dollars or equivalent Indonesian rupiah based on the official exchange rate of the day.

Maximum family, friends and group size limits apply.

Guest numbers

Maximum of 12 people per day.
Minimum guest number of 4 apply.
Less than minimum guest number limits – Costs on application.


The cost for a day at Ketut’s Hideaway does not include transport to and from the site. You need to arrange your own transport.

What to bring?

As we are in the tropics, bring a hat.
We provide sunscreen and bottled water.
Bring swimwear and a towel for snorkeling.
For the village walk and/or hill hike, remember to bring appropriate footwear.

Ketut's Hideaway