Ketut’s Hideaway is located at Labuan Amuk – close to Padang Bai where the ferries leave for Lombok.

Approximate driving times from:

Ubud                60 mins
Candidasa     15 mins
Sanur               90 mins
Kuta                 2 hours

Ketut's Hideaway

Ketut’s Hideaway is located at Labuan Amuk, close to Pandag Bai. If coming from Ubud or Sanur drive and follow signs to Padang Bai. Instead of turning off the main road to Padang Bai, keep going straight ahead for another 1.5 km and take the first road to the right. This road leads to the beach where you will be met by Ketut. If coming from Candidasa, drive out through the village of Ulakan and past the Pertamina depot then take the first turn left. Plan to arrive between 0930 – 1000 and leave about 1530 -1600.

If coming from Sanur or Kuta, you will take the bypass road along the coast.

Just remember the Labuan Amuk turn off is to the right, 1.5km past the Padang Bai turn off.

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Ketut's Hideaway