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Whitewater rafting

#9 Pick of Things to Do in Karangasem – Whitewater Rafting

Our number 9 pick of the top ten tourism experiences or things to do in Karangsem is Whitewater Rafting. In the Karangasem Regency, whitewater rafting is concentrated around the town of Rendang on the Sunggai (River) Telaga Waja. Telaga Waja River is a Class III and IV rapids river. A number of operators provide whitewater […]

Gungung Agung is 3,142m high

Karangasem’s Top Ten Tourism Experiences

Looking for a ‘real’ Bali experience? Then, look no further than Karangasem Regency, East Bali. In Karangasem, you can experience Balinese life away from the hustle and bustle of the major tourism precinct areas of Bali; and still be able to engage in lots of tourism experiences. There are so many experiences to be had […]

Telur Goreng being prepared


Sambal is an important ingredient in traditional Balinese cooking. The base ingredients of sambal are chilli, ginger, salt, garlic, onion and sometimes tomato and/or lime juice. At Ketut’s Hideaway, Ibu Kadek prepares two different types of sambal: one for Telur Goreng and one for Lawar. The main difference between the two sambals is the use […]

Traditional Balinese village foods

Traditional Balinese village foods

If you have chosen ‘A Day at Ketut’s Hideaway‘ or ‘Snorkeling and lunch‘, you will taste the delights of traditional Balinese village food cooked by Ibu Kadek. Ibu Kadek is Ketut’s wife. She is usually helped in the kitchen by her daughter Iluh and her niece, who is also called Kadek. Ibu Kadek is pleased […]

Ketut's Hideaway